About Our Builders

Ajin Precision Manufacturing

Ajin Precision is the largest manufacturer of limited run brass model trains in the world.  With capabilities beyond any manufacturer in Korea, Ajin Precision produces the most highly desired models in the US, Japan and Europe.  Railway Classic's projects stand as examples of what detailed and accurate research from the importer, combined with the most skilled precision manufacturing can create - a true masterpiece of prototype recreated in miniature.

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LiK Enterprises, Inc.

LiK Enterprises, Inc., is a small, but growing South Korean manufacturer producing ‘N’, ‘HO’, ‘O’ and ‘I’ gauge Steam engines, Diesels, Electric, Passenger and Rolling stock in handcrafted brass,  exporting them to Europe , Japan and the USA .  Their designers, engineers, painters and production managers are experienced with over 10 – 15 years in the industry, many working on projects from Samhongsa.  We started working with them in the fall of 2003 working on our first freight car and our CB&Q steel waycars.
       GOD Design                   Assembly Line 1                Assembly Line 2               Assembly Line 3                    Solder Racks

      Sample Room               Paint Spray Booths                 Pad Printing                      Paint Ovens                 RC's First LiK Pilot!!

Boo Rim Precision Manufacturing

Boo Rim Precision is the finest mid-sized South Korean manufacturer of brass models.  Currently manufacturing for Car & Locomotive Works (O Scale), W&R and Railway Classics, Boo Rim produces everything from O scale steam to HO cabooses with the highest quality standards.

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