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N Scale

DM&IR Wood Cabooses - 7 Different Versions Including Side Door, Long w/Center Cupola,
                Long w/End Cupola, Short w/Side Beam, Short w/o Side Beam

HO Scale

BN Steel cabooses (4 versions) 
CB&Q Drovers Waycar in 2 Versions
CB&Q Havelock Baggage Cars
CB&Q War Emergency Waycar
CB&Q Steel Waycars - NE10 (6 versions), NE12 (3 versions) & NE13 (2 versions)
C&S Steel Cabooses (2 versions)
DM&IR Cabooses - 5 Versions
Milwaukee Road Wood Caboose
FW&D Steel Cabooses (2 versions)
GN 1900 to 1940 Truss Rod Wood Cabooses

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