Mini-Streamliner Series - The Silver Streak Zephyr 

CB&Q "Silver Streak Zephyr"               CB&Q Photograph

Builder: To be determined
Factory finished only - with Ajin's Pressed fluting, painted interiors window glazing, Kadee® couplers installed.  

The Silver Streak Zephyr, the second non-articulated Zephyr, was the last Zephyr to be built as a whole train, complete with locomotive, for specific service.  Placed into service after March of 1940, this Kansas City - Omaha - Lincoln, NE train operated until 1959, but not with all of the original equipment.  The Silver Streak Zephyr represented the first step in the evolutionary process that led to the longer, heavier and much finer Zephyrs following WWII.  We are pleased to offer this train as a 5-car set, with the original E5 locomotive No. 9909 lettered for Silver Streak service available separately, as well as its replacement, the last CB&Q Shovelnose No. 9908 also lettered for the Silver Streak.  

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SSZ CB&Q Silver Streak Zephyr 5-car set includes:
Baggage Car #900
Baggage/RPO #1600
52 Seat Chair Car #4703 
52 Seat Chair Car #4704
Dining-Parlor-Observation #300

E5 Locomotive No. 9909 as delivered and EMC Shovelnose No. 9908 lettered for the Silver Streak Zephyr are also available to reserve separately.  Click here for details.
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