Digital Command Control !

UPDATE 5/28/04
Railway Classics, the innovator in the brass importing business, had previously announced that all of our locomotives manufactured in 2004 and beyond, would be equipped with DCC decoders.  Unfortunately, they were not ready in time to be installed in the C&NW, IC and Milwaukee E3 and E6 units nor the Rock Island TA units currently under construction.

These locomotives will still have the motor mounting clips installed  for easy customer conversion to any Atlas®-compatible DCC decoder.  "Sunny white" LEDs are also being installed for greater DCC compatibility and we are still having Ajin install the speaker box for easy customer speaker installation.  

These high-quality, NMRA compliant, DCC decoder are being custom designed to easily switch from standard DC powered systems (analog mode) to DCC systems (digital mode) and back again, providing the flexibility to run your decoder-equipped locomotives on DC powered systems without the typical speed differential.  These four-function decoders, which are compatible with all NMRA compliant DCC systems, control the front & rear headlights, Mars/Pyle light effects (DCC mode only), and marker lights.

Limited One-Year Warranty on the decoder - The manufacturer of the decoder warrants that this decoder will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.  If the decoder fails during the warranty period, uninstall and carefully pack the decoder in a padded container, and a copy of a dated sales receipt, and send to Railway Classics.   Defects due to misuse, improper maintenance and/or abuse are not covered by this warranty.  The manufacturer's warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

HO 4-Function decoder Specifications:

Sound?   - Not yet...because sound decoder and speaker systems are still relatively high priced (but coming down as demand increases), we have chosen not to install sound in our locomotives.  However, should you decide to upgrade, the decoder may be easily replaced with the Soundtraxx(TM) DSD-AT100LC 'plug and play' sound decoder.  We will, however, be providing a speaker mounting box to accommodate a 1" round speaker, should you decide to upgrade your unit to sound. 

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