Mini-Streamliner Series 
Great Northern International and Red River

GN Publicity Photo               Railway Classics Collection

GN Publicity Photo                                                                                      Railway Classics Collection

GN International (left) was placed in service June 18, 1950 between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC. with two, five-car ACF-built trains.
 GN Red River (right) was placed in service June 25, 1950 between St. Cloud, MN and Grand Forks, ND. with a single 5-car ACF-built train. 

Builder: To be determined
Available only in factory finish including tinted glass,  interiors and Kadee® couplers.
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  Code Description



  GNINTE Great Northern - International - 5 car even numbered set
   Baggage/Mail No. 1106
   2 - 60 seat Chair Cars Nos. 1116 & 1118
   52-seat Café/Chair car No. 1146
   Parlor/Observation, 1196 - Vancouver
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  GNINTO Great Northern - International - 5 car odd numbered set
   Baggage/Mail No. 1105
   2 - 60 seat Chair Cars Nos. 1115 & 1117
   52-seat Café/Chair car No. 1145
   Parlor/Observation No. 1195 - Port of Seattle
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  GNRR Great Northern - Red River - 5 car set
   Baggage/Mail No. 107
   3 - 60 Seat Chair Cars Nos. 1137-1139
   Café/Observation No. 47 - Red River
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