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The photo above is of our CB&Q Twin City Zephyr recreated in HO scale - click here to find out more about the models

Starting business in 1984 as Shoreham Shops, Ltd., we worked hard to set the standard among brass importers for accuracy, innovation and detail.  In a move to more closely reflect our broad scope of railroads we import, we changed our name to Railway Classics, Incorporated.  Due to several factors, a decision was made to cease operations in July of 2010.

In October of 2014, ownership in the company was transferred to partner David Lotz and the remaining detail parts, truck and decal inventory were taken over by Q Connection and are now available for purchase.  The Parts & Decals page here, has also been updated so you may purchase them from Q Connection on this site. 


  • Please see the Recent Dispatch page for an important announcement on the status of Railway Classics and our projects.

Our latest run of HO scale E3 & E6 locomotives for Illinois Central, Chicago & North Western and Milwaukee - click here to find out more

Railway Classics, Inc.
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