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The photo above is of our CB&Q Twin City Zephyr recreated in HO scale - click here to find out more about the models

Starting business in 1984 as Shoreham Shops, Ltd., we have worked hard to set the standard among brass importers for accuracy, innovation and detail.  In a move to more closely reflect our broad scope of railroads we import, we changed our name to Railway Classics, Incorporated.  Rest assured our goals and quality have not changed, only our name.

We sell our models through a network of approximately 200 dealers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan.  Some overseas orders are accepted directly.  Contact your dealer for ordering or reservation information. We hope that our dealers and customers find this web site informative, helpful and easy to navigate.  Enjoy your browsing!


  • Please see the Recent Dispatch page for an important announcement on the status of Railway Classics and our projects.

  • Dr. Bauer is selling some items from his personal Collection -See "Collections for Sale"

Our latest run of HO scale E3 & E6 locomotives for Illinois Central, Chicago & North Western and Milwaukee - click here to find out more

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