Heavyweight "Olympian"

Builder: To be determined
Available only in factory finish including interior seating and a lighted tail sign.
These models will be finished with Orange bodies with maroon vestibule doors and letterboards; the roof will be the Milwaukee's Terra Cotta (brown with a reddish tint), underbodies black and oxide trucks.  The window sashes on the Pullman cars will be brass, while the sashes on the Milwaukee wooden cars will be maroon.

   Code Description



  OLY01HW Milwaukee Road Heavyweight "Olympian" - 8 car set:
   Express Car - Nos. 1038-1055
    RPO/Express - Nos. 1821-1830
    30 Seat Dining Car - Nos. 5105-5124
    Pullman 8-1-2 Sleeper
    Pullman 10-1-1 Sleeper 
    Milwaukee 12-1 - Modernized Barney & Smith 
    Milwaukee 12 Section Tourist Sleeper -  Nos. 5719-5728 
    Buffet Lounge Observation Car - City Series

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  OLY01LW Milwaukee Road Heavyweight "Olympian" -  4 car set:
   Lightweight Express - Nos. 1100-1122
    Lightweight Bunkroom Coach - Nos. 4441-4448
    Lightweight Coach - Nos. 4401-4440 
    Open Air Observation Car

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  OLY02 Milwaukee Road Heavyweight "Olympian" - 4 car add-on set
Pullman 12-1 Sleeper
    Pullman 10-1-1 Sleeper
    Pullman 6-6 Sleeper (Plan 4084B)
    Pullman 14 Section Sleeper

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  OLY03 Pullman 8-1-2 Sleeper

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  OLY04 Milwaukee Heavyweight Coach  - 4000 Series (modernized with A/C)

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  OLY05 Milwaukee 12 Section Tourist Sleeper -  Nos. 5719-5728 

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Additional research has shown a need to reorganize this project and expand the train to a 12-car consist to more accurately represent the Olympian.  Instead of making the train a mandatory 12-car set, we are placing the three lightweight cars and the open air observation in a 4-car set OLY01LW.  All current reservations for the original 10-car set (OLY01) will automatically be given a reservation for the new 8-car and 4-car sets.  We also have expanded and reorganized the 3-car add-on set to be a 4-car add-on set with sleepers not before offered.  If you have an OLY01 currently on reserve, and you do not want the OLY01LW, contact your dealer.

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