New York Central
EMD E7AB Diesel Units in Twentieth Century Limited and other schemes

EMD Builders Photo - Railway Classics Collection

Prototype Photo New York Central E7AA #4003 

Builder: To be determined
Available only factory finished - DCC decoder equipped, includes constant intensity lighting, Mars lighting, both open and closed pilots, speaker box for future sound installation, Kadee® couplers installed, and full cab interiors.  Multiple prototype unit names and/or numbers will be available for all units listed.

  Code Description Status


  NYCE7AB New York Central E7AB Set 1948 Twentieth Century Limited Scheme
       A-unit Nos. 4000-4007, B-units Nos. 4100-4103
On Hold


  NYCE7A New York Central E7A Unit 1948 Twentieth Century Limited Scheme
       A-unit Nos. 4000-4007
On Hold


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