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HO Scale

Complete Trains
Atlantic Coast Line Champion
    C&O Pere Marquette
    Canadian National Supercontinental, Continental & Ocean Ltd.
    CB&Q/D&RGW/WP Exposition Flyer and 5 Add-on sets
    CP/VIA "The Canadian"
    DM&IR 4 car heavyweight train
    Milwaukee Road Heavyweight Olympian & Pioneer Limited
    NP Heavyweight North Coast Limited of 1937 to 1947
    NYC 1935 Heavyweight 20th Century Limited
    NYC - 1948 20th Century Rerun
    PRR 1935 Heavyweight Broadway Limited
    Southern Pacific Lark 1941 & 1951 versions

Mini Streamliners 
  ACF Motorailers - Illinois Central, Missouri Pacific, Susquehanna
   CB&Q - Silver Streak Zephyr
   C&EI - Whippoorwill & Meadowlark
C&S/FW&D - 1940 Texas Zephyr
   CB&Q/CRI&P - Zephyr Rocket
   CB&Q General Pershing Zephyr
   Florida East Coast Champion
   Florida East Coast - Henry M. Flagler
Great Northern - International and Red River
   Pere Marquette - The Pere Marquettes
   Wabash - The Blue Bird

Locomotives / Motorailers / Powered MU Commuter Cars
AFC Motorailers - IC, MOPAC, Susquehanna (NYS&W)
    Belt Railway of Chicago, CNR, DM&IR, KCS, Southern, Seaboard 2-10-2's
    CB&Q Shovelnose Zephyr No. 9908 - 2 versions
    DM&IR 0-10-0
    DM&IR and other 0-8-0's
    EMD E3, E5, E6 and E7 Diesel Locomotives - Batch 2
                  E3s - AT&SF, CRI&P, MP
                  E5s - CB&Q, C&S, FW&D
                  E6s - AT&SF, CRI&P, MP,
                  E7s - C&NW, CRI&P, GN, IC, Milwaukee, NYC, SP&S
    EMD E3, E4, E6 and E7 Diesel Locomotives - Batch 3
        E3s - ACL, EMD Demo, FEC, KCS, MP AA (E3 w/baggage compartment)
        E4s - Seaboard E4s
        E6s - ACL, FEC
        E7s - CB&Q, C&EI, C&O, Pere Marquette, Wabash
    New Haven "Washboard" Powered MU Commuter cars

Business Cars
    Alaska Railroad "Glacier Pass" and "Denali"
    Boston & Albany - Heavyweight Business Car No. 99
    CB&Q, BN, Business car "Round-Up"
    CCC&StL - Heavyweight Business Car No. 400
    CN Business Car No. 4 and "Northern Lights"
    C&NW Executive Car - "400"
    C&NW Executive Car "Powder River" (ex-Milwaukee Super Dome)
    DM&IR business car Northland
    GN A30 Business car - also A3 Big Sky Blue version
Michigan Central - Heavyweight Business Car No. 1
    Missouri Pacific Business car "Eagle" - 6 versions including No. 1, "St. Louis" & No. 107
    New York Central Business Cars Nos. 2,5,6,7,9,10
    Northern Pacific - "Gallatin River"
    Spokane, Portland & Seattle Business Car #99
    Western Pacific Business Car No. 101

Individual Passenger Cars
    ACL, CN, CRI&P and IC cars from the NYC 20th Century
    "American Flyer" Passenger Cars
        B&A; B&M; KCS; New Haven; SAL; SSW
    CB&Q 1935 Streamlined coaches 4600 & 4601
    CB&Q, C&S, FW&D Pre-war Budd cars
    CB&Q, C&S, FW&D Heavyweight cars
    Heavyweight Pullmans - 
        24 versions (NYC & PRR)
    NYC 1941-1948 ACF, Budd, PSC and Pullman-Standard Built Cars
                (also ex-C&O Twin Unit Diner in NYC & Illinois Central)

Milwaukee Super Domes

CMStP&P - Super Dome #53 as delivered in 1952 paint scheme
    CMStP&P - Super Dome #53 as repainted in 1957 UP paint scheme
    CN - Super Dome Tap Lounge #2401 Athabasca - 1965-1974 scheme
North Carolina DOT #400301 “Mt. Mitchell” in Amtrak colors
    VIA Super Dome Tap Lounge #2701 - 1978-82 scheme

Private Varnish - Sierra Hotel


    DM&IR Wood Cabooses - 7 Different Versions Including Side Door, Long w/Center Cupola,
                Long w/End Cupola, Short w/Side Beam, Short w/o Side Beam
    GN Truss Rod Cabooses 25' and 33' - 4 versions and 2 paint schemes
    Milwaukee Road Wood Caboose

Individual Freight Cars

Northern Pacific SF Class 40' Pig Palace Stock Cars

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