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N Scale

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Large Passenger Train Projects
Canadian Pacific, CP Rail "The Canadian" & Via Rail "Canadian"
Great Northern Streamline "Empire Builder"
Milwaukee "Twin Cities Hiawatha"
NYC 1938 "20th Century Limited"
NP Streamline "North Coast Limited"
Pennsylvania 1938 "Broadway Limited"

HO Scale

Complete Train Sets Available
CB&Q 1936-56 Denver Zephyrs Nos. 9906 & 9907
Passenger Projects with individual cars remaining
  C&NW Twin Cities 400

  Great Northern 1959 Empire Builder - unskirted

Complete Trains
Classic Edition Collector Sets
DM&IR Arrowhead Resorter & Arrowhead Vacationer
   CB&Q General Pershing Zephyr

Mini-Streamliner Sets
ACF Motorailers - Illinois Central, Missouri Pacific, Susquehanna
   CB&Q - Silver Streak Zephyr
   C&EI - Whippoorwill & Meadowlark
C&S/FW&D - 1940 Texas Zephyr
   CB&Q/CRI&P - Zephyr Rocket
   CRI&P - Rockets
   Florida East Coast & ACL - Henry M. Flagler, Dixie Flagler & The
Great Northern - International and Red River
   Pere Marquette - The Pere Marquettes
   Wabash - The Blue Bird

Large Passenger Train Projects
Canadian Pacific, CP Rail "The Canadian" & Via Rail "Canadian"
  CB&Q / D&RGW / WP Exposition Flyer
  Canadian National Supercontinental, Continental & Ocean Ltd.
        (NEW!!! - more paint schemes offered for individual cars!)
  Milwaukee Road Heavyweight Olympian
  Milwaukee Road Heavyweight Pioneer Limited
  New Haven 1948 & 1955 Merchants Limited
  NYC 1935 Heavyweight 20th Century Limited
  NYC - 1941-1947 ACF, Budd, PSC and Pullman-Standard cars
  Northern Pacific 1937 North Coast Limited and cars in the Pine Tree
  and Loewy Schemes
  PRR 1935 Heavyweight Broadway Limited
  Southern Pacific Lark 1941 & 1951 versions 

Individual cars available to reserve
ACL, CN, CRI&P and IC cars from the NYC 20th Century
    "American Flyer" Passenger Cars
        B&A; B&M; KCS; New Haven; SAL; SSW
    CB&Q 1935 Streamlined coaches 4600 & 4601
    CB&Q, C&S, FW&D Pre-war Budd cars
    CB&Q, C&S, FW&D Heavyweight cars
    Heavyweight Pullmans - 
        24 versions (NYC & PRR)
   New Haven "Washboard" MU Commuter cars
NYC 1941-1948 ACF, Budd, PSC and Pullman-Standard Built Cars
                (also ex-C&O Twin Unit Diner in NYC & Illinois Central)

Milwaukee Super Domes

CMStP&P - Super Dome #53 as delivered in 1952 paint scheme
    CMStP&P - Super Dome #53 as repainted in 1957 UP paint scheme
    CN - Super Dome Tap Lounge #2401 Athabasca - 1965-1974 scheme
North Carolina DOT #400301 “Mt. Mitchell” in Amtrak colors
    VIA Super Dome Tap Lounge #2701 - 1978-82 scheme

Private Varnish - Sierra Hotel

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